Corrugated Packaging: E-commerce’s go-to solution!

Corrugated Packaging: E-commerce’s go-to solution!

Corrugated Packaging: E-commerce’s go-to solution!

October 19, 2021

If you still haven’t made the packaging shift to cardboard, you’re about to!

Day by day, corrugated cardboard packaging is paving its way in the E-commerce sector, proving itself as the go-to partner that goes hand in hand with E-commerce.

With E-commerce shipments increasing by around 27% globally in 2020, corrugated packaging offers the innovative and environmentally friendly solution to a successful performance of the supply chain needed for E-commerce.

Easy to personalize, corrugated boxes are exemplary packaging solutions offering a memorable first impression at the end users’ front doors and an exciting unboxing experience in the comfort of their own homes.

With aesthetics covered, the next challenge corrugated boxes ace is the sturdiness and protection needed for fulfilling and delivering e-commerce orders. Made-to-fit, lightweight, and strong, corrugated boxes ticks another box on the list of ideal packaging for the E-commerce industry.

Lastly, with the whole world shifting to sustainable lifestyles and trying to maintain a minimal carbon footprint, corrugated boxes remain the friendliest with our planet Earth: 100% recyclable for more than 25 times, averagely 80% made of recycled material, and easy to sort and to collect

The benefits of corrugated packaging are various and endless, and its supremacy in serving the E-commerce industry is unmatched. So now, it is time to let our products do the talking.

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