The Sleeve Wrapper: A Product of Innovation


The Sleeve Wrapper: A Product of Innovation

August 30, 2021

EASTERNPAK has been, since 1994, consistently attempting to diversify its products and come up with environment-friendly solutions that the market has not witnessed yet.

Bearing in mind the market’s ever-growing demands nowadays, the company succeeded in creating a packaging solution that would prove useful to both consumers and vendors; “The Sleeve Wrapper”.

This uncommon commodity solves one problem: Figuring out how to wrap multiple catering boxes in a secure way, in order to achieve safe delivery for the consumer. The innovative team at EASTERNPAK was brilliantly able to develop the perfect wrapper design, including a sturdy handle, capable of carrying multiple medium sized catering boxes, weighing approximately four kilos.

This product also provides the perfect direct aeration, through its meticulously planned holes, directed towards preserving the food’s quality. Moreover, this design is characterized by a super smooth factor, which is how easy it is to assemble. Furthermore, this unique packaging solution also features diverse handle designs, keeping originality of top priority.

With its innovative solutions and unconventional thinking, EASTERNPAK is always bringing forth new clever solutions. And by putting its savvy skills to good use, it is successfully marking its name in the market of corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturing, at an international level.


Established in 1994 and located in Saudi Arabia, EASTERNPAK is a member of  Napco Paper Containers a division of Napco National. We specialize in manufacturing and converting corrugated packaging products, including carry solutions, shipping and transportation boxes, high-resolution promotional packaging, and catering and delivery boxes.

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