UNIPAK and UNIPAKNILE: The Winning Formula for Double Victory at the 2023 Arab StarPack Pro Packaging Awards

UNIPAK and UNIPAKNILE: The Winning Formula for Double Victory at the 2023 Arab StarPack Pro Packaging Awards

Packaging plays a pivotal role in capturing consumers’ attention and ultimately influencing their purchasing decisions. Recognizing the significance of innovation, creativity, smart designs, and sustainability in packaging, UNIPAK and UNIPAKNILE have risen to the occasion for the second year in a row, securing not one, but two prestigious 2023 Arab StarPack Pro Packaging Awards. These awards underscore the vital role that forward-thinking packaging companies play in shaping the future of the industry and the broader push for sustainable progress.

The Arab StarPack Pro Packaging Awards have long been admired as a prominent recognition of excellence within the packaging industry in the Arab World. These awards honour companies and designers who demonstrate a commitment to delivering exceptional packaging solutions that are not only visually appealing but also functional, sustainable, and innovative.

UNIPAK and UNIPAKNILE recipe for Success

Amidst fierce competition, UNIPAK and UNIPAKNILE emerged as true standouts. Their commitment to excellence, innovative approach, and dedication to sustainability have led to their double triumph at the 2023 Arab StarPack Pro Packaging Awards.

UNIPAK claimed the first award for the “Coffee Glassware set box”, an appealing packaging solution for safely transporting and displaying delicate glassware. What makes it even more remarkable is that this innovative box is made entirely from recyclable and sustainable corrugated material, eliminating the need for EPS and plastic bubble wraps.

The second award, won by UNIPAKNILE, celebrated their “Double-Sided Floor Stand“. This creative display solution earned recognition for its lightweight corrugated construction and clever conical design, making efficient use of retail space while providing abundant display area and branding opportunities.

At UNIPAK and UNIPAKNILE, both members of INDEVCO Group, innovation, creativity, sustainability, and smart designs are the cornerstones of success.

The group and all its affiliates across the globe have consistently pushed the boundaries of packaging design. They have invested in cutting-edge technology and processes, always seeking to deliver unique and creative solutions that captivate consumers.

Recognizing the urgency of sustainability, they have made it a driving force in their packaging solutions, emphasizing eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing. Their efforts not only benefit the environment but also resonate with consumers increasingly conscious of environmental impact. Their efforts not only benefit the environment but also align with the increasing environmental awareness of the customers.

The designs aim to enhance functionality, whether by making products more user-friendly or reducing environmental impact. This approach resonates with consumers who value convenience and sustainability.

The success of UNIPAK and UNIPAKNILE at the Arab StarPack Pro Packaging Awards 2023 serves as a beacon of hope for the industry’s future, reminding us that the path to progress and success is rooted in four key elements: innovation, creativity, sustainability, and intelligent design. Innovation paves the way, creativity speaks volumes, smart designs enhance functionality, and sustainability in non-negotiable.

As we look to the future and prepare for the next competition at the 2024 WorldStar Packaging Awards, we can hope to see more companies following this winning formula, shaping a brighter and more sustainable future for the packaging industry and consumers alike.