UNIPAK THE SHOP products are closer to you than ever

UNIPAK THE SHOP launched its physical store in Dekwaneh

Meeting the latest increased market demands, UNIPAK management decided to expand its operations to offer its loyal customers an optimum experience.

Along with its eshop and online presence, UNIPAK THE SHOP is launching its own physical store that displays a wide array of products, making them accessible to all.

Starting September 2021, located in Dekwaneh on Antoine Chakhtoura’s street, our team will be ready to guide you to get a look and feel of our signature materials. You can also visit to place your orders or just pass by to pick them up.

Yes, you got it right! We are now closer to you than ever and always ready to supply you with the must-have packaging and delivery solutions for your e-commerce needs.

In this context, with more than 50 years of experience in the field, UNIPAK remains keen on providing you with user-friendly and sustainable packages, giving you a rich spectrum of choices to make the process smoother, and to let your business identity stand out. Whether you are small or medium-sized business within the food, apparel, fashion, home design, personal care, electronic, or supermarket industries, at UNIPAK’s newly opened physical store, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

Visit us now to further discover our products!


About UNIPAK the Shop:

Created by UNIPAK, UNIPAK The Shop is seeking to respond to the new market demands in this changing marketplace and fulfill the needs of e-commerce businesses. It aims to offer a wide array of standard e-commerce delivery packaging solutions to small and growing businesses who will be able to order small volumes of standard boxes online.


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