UNIPAKNILE: 25 years of togetherness, hard work, and trust


This year marks the 25th anniversary of UNIPAKNILE establishment in Egypt.

Our activities at UNIPAKNILE were and remain abundant with success and dedication despite all the challenges we face.

From the start, UNIPAKNILE aimed to become a state-of-the-art production facility for corrugated packaging solutions in the heart of Egypt and onto the world.

With determination and drive, we began providing the agriculture sector with hygienic and safe packaging for the seasonal produce and then targeted various industries and commercial businesses with suitable packaging tailored for their products and needs and fit for export. We met the local market demands. We listened to our customers’ concerns and filled the missing gaps they eagerly needed closed.

Throughout the years, we stayed true to our promise to always be the destination for safe, sustainable, and innovative packaging.

Constant progress and staying in line with the latest technologies in the packaging and printing industry never stopped being a pillar of our operation. Our latest upgrade was incorporating digital printing on our production lines, enabling us to step into a new era and serve a broader range of businesses and markets.

A fundamental cornerstone to our success is our devoted and experienced human capital. We work relentlessly to provide our people with a safe and secure work environment where the highest standards are met, and continuous growth and development is guaranteed through multiple learning and motivational programs in place.

With its people’s hard work and commitment, UNIPAKNILE is where it is today: an award-winning local and global packaging supplier. We continued reaping what we’ve sown all these years, and maintained our drive for innovation and sustainability which earned us the 2022 Arab Starpack Pro award and the prominent 2023 WorldStar award.

The words of our founder, Georges Frem, always resonate in our minds and hearts: “What’s good for the community is good for the company”.  That’s why we take our role in a sustainable future very seriously where every investment decision we make is aligned with our sustainability vision and strategies. Always committing to betterment of the environment, UNIPAKNILE contributes to the circular economy by providing recyclable, biodegradable, and recycled materials.

So, here’s to a hundred more years of staying true to our values and mission, and remaining the destination for innovation, sustainable packaging solutions, and top-quality services.

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