UNIPAKNILE, a Partner of Success for the Egyptian Tax Authority

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance in Egypt hanked the companies that participated in the process of running the pilot project, including UNIPAKNILE

UNIPAKNILE, a Partner of Success for the Egyptian Tax Authority

September 1, 2020

As part of the Country’s financial initiatives, the Arab Republic of Egypt and its Ministry of Finance were able to collaboratively launch a project of success with the aim of improving and automating the Egyptian Tax Authority procedures and processes by facilitating the exchange of invoices and debit and credit notes with the data center of the Ministry.

Dr. Mohamed Maait, current Minister of Finance in Egypt, held a press conference on Thursday July 23, in which he highly thanked the companies that participated in the process of running the pilot project, UNIPAKNILE being the leader in accomplishing the mission, and playing a major role in its success. For more details about the Minister’s speech and what the project entails, you can check out the following links: https://www.facebook.com/248503109165534/posts/589585908390584/ and https://www.almasryalyoum.com/news/details/2001343).

The fulfilled project mainly consists of full data integration with the taxation unit of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance, where all invoices, credit notes and debit notes are exchanged electronically, automatically and online, with the data center of the Ministry.

This was made possible by utilizing IDX (INDEVCO Data Exchange) service of IMS ERP, designed and developed by INDEVCO Systems & Business Intelligence (ISBI), and characterized by its advanced technology, add to it a sophisticated security feature, dynamism and flexibility.

The project was made a success through the help of 5 Egyptian companies, chosen and qualified by the Ministry of Finance, while bearing in mind their level of technology and their ability to develop and run the integration process.

Aside from being able to go live before the set deadline, ISBI was the main driving force behind its successful contribution, managing the go live phase using real live data, and having an advanced ERP and automated platform (IMS) that is able to manage such kind of complicated data integration. Furthermore, UNIPAKNILE also performed professional and transparent tax declaration process toward the Government.

This project and its implementation enabled UNIPAKNILE to demonstrate its capabilities, automation, potentialities and aptness of the groundbreaking role it embodied, specifically in the execution of a project that is of a high priority for the Egyptian Government and President, whose involvement and directions aided in the orientation and fulfillment of the project. UNIPAKNILE hopes to maintain this high level of professionalism & advanced technology and upkeep such favorable success.


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